#9 NagiosGrapher - useful charts in nagios

2010 May 06
by Admin

NagiosGrapher - useful, fast and painless charts in nagios...

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#8 Colored man pages or log files

2010 Apr 20
by Admin

It is easier to find some errors or notifications searching in log files if some words are clearly visible...

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#7 Chive - phpmyadmin alternative

2010 Apr 17
by Admin

Chive is a web-based MySQL management application, alternative to phpmyadmin, also implemented with PHP. See some example screenshots and very easy installation and configuration ...

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#6 OpenLDAP (slapd) server

2009 Aug 28
by Admin

Short tutorial with screenshots how to install and configure openldap (slapd) server with phpldapadmin application for openldap management...

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#5 Master & Slave with chrooted Bind9

2009 Jul 12
by Admin

Bind is one of the domain name systems, which translates domain names into IP addresses. Find out some tips how to set up two bind9s in master-slave configuration...

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